This year we are thrilled to have CAT joining us as sponsor of the CAT Tradie Challenge. Four teams will battle it out to build ‘the best shade shack’ with one team being crowned ‘CAT Tradies of the Year’. The Tradie teams must consist of four individuals and must ensure that at least one team member is a competent, skilled individual/tradie that will oversee their team.

The Tradie Challenge will begin at 9.00am Friday 28th September and includes a short lunch break with the conclusion of the Challenge at 3.00pm Friday afternoon. This allows each team a total of 6 hours to complete the build with a break for lunch. There will be a toolbox meeting and induction at 8.45am which all teams must attend.

The chosen construction needs to be built to be useable and serve the purpose of providing shelter on each gate, therefore they must meet safety standards and be built to a high quality to withstand the outdoor weather for years to come. All building materials and tools needed will be supplied by the Deni Ute Muster. It is completely up to you how you approach this build and what design you go with (check out Google for inspiration). The following must be included in the design:

  • Decent seating for security working 12hr shifts (can be bought)
  • Half way walls at a minimum for protection from weather
  • Solid back wall
  • Solid roof which is rainproof

To add further interest to the Challenge, teams will be asked to bring along any number of extra items of their choice to include in their design. These items can be anything that will enhance your design, be useful and make it stand out to the judges.

The winning team will walk away with $4,000 cash and a trophy declaring them ‘CAT Tradies of the Year’. Judging will be based on design and workmanship.

To enter the CAT Tradie Challenge fill out the application below. We also ask that each team sends a short video introducing the team and explaining why they should be selected to compete. Deni Ute Muster staff will review all entries and pick the top four teams alerting successful entrants by mid August. Applications will be considered based on the team’s creativeness and ability to draw a crowd.

The four successful teams will be provided with further information and details closer to the Challenge. 

Any questions please contact Amanda on 03 5881 3388.

Applications close Friday August 10th.  

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