Accessibility And Inclusion Information

The Deni Ute Muster is a community event and welcomes everybody. We are constantly working on ways to improve our Festival Site and the experience for all, including our guests with disabilities and limited mobility.

The Deni Ute Muster is held on rural land, the Festival Site is large, situated on 160 hectares. Paths of travel are either dirt or loose gravel, during peak periods the festival can be very crowded.

New to the Festival Arena are four permanent Accessible single toilet blocks.

During the day, the weather conditions can be extremely hot, and on some evenings, quite cool. In the event of rain, the site can become very muddy. This can create some mobility issues for wheelchair users (both manual and power chair’s) and for guests using other mobility devices like walkers.

Accessibility For Day Visitors

We have a designated accessible parking area in the main Day Car Park down the main drive, near the bus stop for day visitors. This day parking area is automatically available for any vehicle bearing a standard Disability Parking Permit.

The accessible parking area will be displayed on the festival map.

Camping On-Site

We  acknowledge that a number of our guests may  have other mobility, sensory, cognitive or medical requirements beyond wheelchair access that may also require accommodation in the accessible  camping area. Given the small size of the accessible camping area we will do our best to accommodate any guest who identifies with any of these accessibility/medical considerations within this site.  Depending on the amount of enquiries, we may have capacity to provide a secondary accessible camping area that is a further distance to the entry gate but still provides access to the same amenities available in our primary accessible camping site.

We know some power-wheelchair users also need access to power for the purposes of recharging their power-chair battery. Please contact us if you require this consideration not only in the camping area but across the site more broadly.

If you require further assistance with any mobility, sensory, cognitive or medical needs while staying with us in the camping area please reach out to one of our friendly volunteers. We wish you an enjoyable and fun time at the Deni Ute Muster 2024.

The festival has 3 x designated accessible camping areas available for campers with disabilities.

All camping sites are unpowered.

Camp Area 1 next to the Ute Paddock with access to toilet and shower amenities. (No caravans or trailers, Utes only)
Access to Festival Arena via Gate 1.

Camp Area 2 next to the Peppin reserved campsites with access to toilet amenities only.
Access to Festival Arena via Gate 2.

Camp Area 3 next to Rent A Tent with access to an accessible toilet amenities block. Consisting of Two units:

Unit 1: there is hydraulic lift, adult electric change table, accessible shower toilet and basin.

Unit 2: has an accessible shower toilet and basin.
Access to Festival Arena via Gate 2.

All accessible camp areas (1, 2 and 3) must be pre-booked to ensure all accessible needs are met. Please use the following forms:

Click HERE to fill out and submit the Accessible Camping Form online

For additional information please call the Deni Ute Muster HQ on 03 5881 3388.

Please note you may not be able to gain access to the accessible camping facilities if you do not register prior to the event.

Companion Card

The festival provides a weekend ticket, free of charge to the Companion Card holder’s carer to ensure both can have a fantastic time at our event.

If camping please include details in the Accessible Camping Registration Form.

If not camping please CLICK HERE to fill out a companion card application form.

Only 1 (one) carer complimentary ticket per companion card.


Distances from the accessible camp areas to attractions and places of interest in the Festival Arena/Site are provided at all entry gates.


Local Bus and Taxi services cater for Accessible needs.


Our Festival Site & Arena Maps list Accessible camping areas and services