Tickets purchased online up until the 30th of June will be posted out to you. If you purchase your ticket after the 30th June you will receive an email with a barcode. You must bring this email into Muster HQ prior to the event or to the ticketing box from Thursday 4th October from 7am on Moonee Swamp Rd so staff can scan the barcode and provide you with your wristband. 

This activation fee is a one off processing fee. This fee is activated when first topping up your wristband and is a one off. There will be no further fees for refunds or multiple tops ups using eftpos. Any unused credits on your wristband will be refunded.

Refunds are available via the Deni Ute Muster website. Please do not throw your wristband away, you will need to number on the back of your wristband to be able to get your funds back. 

No refunds on site. 

If you are removed for a “cool off period”, your wristband will be removed and a blue one will take its place. After the selected amount of time, you will be reissued with a new wristband, your cash balance will be transferred to the new wristband.

There will be top up stations located next to the Merch and Info building.

No, wristbands can only be scanned by specific machines and whilst they work like a credit card, they cannot be scanned from afar.

You will need to get your refunds during the refund period. 

Yes, your balance will be displayed after you have made a purchase.

In 2024 there will be no cash sales onsite. 

Stations will be open on-site and at Muster HQ from the following times; Muster HQ’s top-up station will be available from 30th June until Wednesday 2nd October

On Site:

Thursday from 12 NOON – 10pm near info centre.

Friday 8am-11pm near info centre. 

Saturday 8.00am – 11.00pm near info centre. 

Yes, in store at Muster HQ 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

You will be required to purchase another wristband and the old wristbands will be disabled. Those in this situation will be required to pay the $20 replacement fee.

You can only use EFT to top up your wristband. 

No you cannot split the payment for an item. This is a security feature to ensure the purchaser is in control of their own spending.

Yes, you will need to repay for postage if you require a replacement band to be sent out to you.

Unfortunately, these can only be removed by using scissors. If you do need to remove your wristband due to tightness you will need to visit the Info Centre to have it removed and will be required to pay the $20 replacement fee.

We do not advise the reselling of wristbands.
Contact Oztix on 1300 762 545 or email info@oztix.com.au to organise a name change.

As part of our refund policy, we DO NOT supply refunds. This is part of the terms and conditions of the Muster and by purchasing these tickets, you have agreed to this.

Any wristbands reported lost or stolen will have their RFID chip deactivated and will not be valid.

If you have lost your wristband, they will not be replaced you will need to purchase a new ticket at the current ticket price. 

If you have damaged your wristband, you will need to bring your damaged wristband to ticketing upon arrival and pay the $20 replacement fee. If you don’t bring your damaged wristband you will have to purchase a new ticket at the current ticket price. 

If someone else purchased the ticket on your behalf you will need to bring the original purchaser with you and show proof of original purchase along with valid ID.
Replacement wristbands will be issued at the discretion of festival staff.

Treat your wristband the same way you would treat cash. We are not responsible for any funds stolen/missing from your wristband if you lose it.

Wristbands are non-refundable and non-transferrable and must be purchased from the organisers authorised ticketing agency Oztix.

It is our policy of no refunds on wristbands and that we do not advise the reselling of wristbands. We cannot guarantee that the purchased wristband has not been cancelled.

It is not advised to purchase wristbands from a third party seller online or scalper. There is a high risk you might be buying a fake.

Fake tickets are not granted entry. Fake or deactivated wristbands may look like the real thing but they will be identified by our scanning system at the front gates.